In recent years, the Florida strain largemouth bass have reached record-setting size in Tennessee, to the tune of 15lbs+. Major Leage Fishing pro Wesley Strader joins Pete Gluszek to share some information about how he got started fishing, his early experiences fishing "Chick", his favorite times to fish the lake and how he fishes the lake with spinnerbaits, punching baits, topwaters and more! Come along as we go visit Lake Chickamauga, a lake that should be on your bass fishing BUcket list.

  • 0:06 Welcome to The Bass University Bucket List. Pete welcomes the viewers to Lake Chickamauga and introduces our guests for this episode
  • 2:06 Wesley Strader talks about how he got started in bass fishing tournaments and how fortunate he to have some positive fishing influences
  • 4:07 Wesley Strader's history with fishing Lake Chickamauga
  • 5:01 Wesley Strader's advice for fishing Lake Chickamauga. Learn the best seasons, baits and areas to target for big bass.
  • 8:57 Why is Lake Chickamauga a bass fishermen's dream?
  • 10:56 Spinnerbait fishing and the spawn on Lake Chickamauga
  • 13:38 Pay attention to stumps during the spawn
  • 16:35 Fishing laydowns with a spinnerbait
  • 21:02 How to punch grass mats on Lake Chickamauga
  • 23:37 Bluegill activity in the mats
  • 24:26 Feeding windows in the grass mats
  • 29:44 Topwater fishing on Lake Chickamauga
  • 33:49 Other Wesley Strader bass catches on Lake Chickamauga

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