This is the first episode of Bass University's "BUcket List", a list of bass fisheries that are special, even compared to other top fisheries. Bass University instructors and tournament champions Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek have both fished a number of the best bass fishing locations in the world, but one place is special to them both, Lake Champlain. There are very few, if not no other places in the world where you can catch a 50/50 bag of largemouth and smallmouth in a day, and have several of them weigh 4lb+. Not only that, but on Lake Champlain, you can catch them in so many different ways. Building confidence and learning a new technique is a much faster process when you're getting the bites. You learn how they eat it, what triggers bites, what the lure feels like when it's in the strike zone and when you get subtle bites, or bites that knock slack in the line.

Many anglers on professional bass fishing tournament trails, even those who live around big bass lakes, praise Lake Champlain as a top bass fishery. Join Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek as they head out in search of some of the lake's giant northern largemouth.

  • 0:00 Welcome to the BUcket List and welcome to Lake Champlain with Pete Gluszek
  • 2:30 Pete shows off a nice Lake Champlain largemouth bass
  • 3:44 Mike Iaconelli on why he loves Lake Champlain and why it should be on your bucket list
  • 6:07 The first time Mike Iaconelli fished Lake Champlain
  • 11:39Catching 100 fish a day helps you master baits and build confidence in a unique way
  • 12:59 Cranking with the original Wiggle Wart on Lake Champlain
  • 16:25 Why Pete Gluszek fell in love with Lake Champlain and the beautiful Northern largemouth bass
  • 18:47 Mike Iaconelli and Pete Casamento from Adirondack-Champlain Guide Service breaks down Lake Champlain for someone who's never fished there before
  • 24:32 Mike Iaconelli's secret tip for fishing Lake Champlain
  • 28:02 Mike Iaconelli goes out on Lake Champlain to try to develop a pattern
  • 34:36 Firing up the schools of bass

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