Bassmaster Elite Series & Cashion Rods bass fishing pro Rob Digh joined The Bass University in late fall to talk about shallow cranking. In this bass fishing video, Rob shares tips for selecting crankbait colors, what tackle to use and where to set out to look for shallow water bass that will eat a crankbait in the fall.

  • 0:28 Shallow-running crankbaits and colors
  • 1:35 Customizing your lure
  • 2:17 Types of crankbaits and the differences between them
  • 3:20 More on buying colors of crankbaits
  • 4:46 Line for shallow cranking and what part line size plays in lure depth
  • 5:30 Rod selection for shallow cranking
  • 8:05 Reel for shallow cranking
  • 9:25 What to look for and where to fish for bass with shallow crankbaits
  • 10:39 On the water shallow crankbait fishing demonstration
    • 11:39 Cover and features that hold bass, what areas to target
    • 13:04 Getting your crankbait out of a hangup
    • 14:48 What to do when you're getting hung up a lot with your shallow crankbait
    • 15:26 Ensuring you fish good areas thoroughly
    • 17:08 Fishing shallow ditches
    • 18:09 Another great place to target for shallow cranking bass
    • 19:11 Final tip for shallow cranking from Rob Digh

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