On this episde of The Bass University On the Water from Lake Lanier, we are joined by Rob Jordan, who wants to share some tips for fishing underspins and swimbaits in the late winter and early spring for spotted bass.

  • 0:18 Rob Jordan's 1-2 punch for catching big spotted bass in the winter through prespawn
  • 0:58 The setup for fishing underspins (rod, reel, line, bait size and lure color)
  • 6:01 Swinbait setup (rod, reel, line, jighead, bait and color)
  • 8:48 Heading out on the water to fish the underspin and swimbait for spotted bass
  • 9:16 Maximizing time in the strike zone with an underspin
  • 10:51 How spotted bass eat the bait and ensuring you get a good hookset
  • 14:03 Winter ditch fishing and how where to look for spotted bass
  • 16:12 Spotted bass that feed on blueback herring and how it affects their size
  • 23:11 Other species and wintertime ditch fishing
  • 24:52 Underspin fishing tips and keeping the lure in the right depth
  • 31:54 Highland reservoirs composition
  • 33:41 Spotted bass and how they group up
  • 35:17 Dock fishing in the ditches
  • 37:17 How to not lose your baits fishing brush with an underspin
  • 40:18 Best tip for winter fishing comfort
  • 41:20 Pattern fishing the underspin
  • 42:15 When the underspin is most effective
  • 46:07 A prime place to look for spotted bass
  • 47:45 What to expect from spotted bass schools and a run and gun approach to competing in tournaments
  • 52:38 Follow-up baits for the underspin
  • 53:55 Swimbaits for spotted bass in the winter
  • 1:00:28 The difference is in the details

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