Jordan Lee is back with a brand new Bass University bass fishing class seminar. This time he's sharing tips on locating productive bass fishing water. Whether you're out fun fishing or marking spots in tournament prefishing, everyone wants to eliminate dead water (or water with no bass in it). This 55-minute bass fishing class will help you build confidence in locating bass in different seasons. Jordan goes through Spring-Autumn with topographical map examples, highlighting areas he targets during these times. Jordan concludes the seminar by answering a host of questions about prefishing, tournament practice, difference between lakes and rivers, fishing your home waters to find new locations and more!

  • 0:28 Jordan Lee is focused on sharing tips & topics that help you catch more fish,
  • 1:25 You can never learn too much about finding productive water
  • 3:27 Some keys to Jordan Lee's bass fishing success
  • 14:17 The mental side of bass fishing
  • 19:48 Considering water conditions when fishing a new lake
  • 22:37 Having your tackle ready for any situation you may face
  • 24:25 How to find productive water in different situations
  • 31:14 Finding the right habitat and looking for the sneaky spots
  • 34:22 Jordan Lee shares some examples of prespawn areas and baits for prespawn
  • 37:12 Jordan Lee shares how he uses his electronics to find good Summer bass fishing spots
  • 39:31 Jordan Lee shows topographical map example of where he looks for productive bass fishing spots in the Autumn/Fall and indications that bass may be there
  • 42:02 Do you change baits in practice after catching a bass while prefishing?
  • 43:32 How much time does Jordan Lee spend graphing in tournament practice?
  • 44:20 Do you catch the bass you see on forward-facing sonar in practice?
  • 45:24 Depth of winter bass on Lake Guntersville
  • 46:15 Jordan Lee talks about how many rods he typically has on deck at the start of practice on a new body of water
  • 47:00 Do you stick with confidence baits or gravitate toward what is best for conditions and season?
  • 48:12 How to prefish a lake like Mille Lacs or Cayuga
  • 49:41 Does Jordan Lee fish back over an area where he didn't get bit in practice?
  • 50:58 How many bites does Jordan Lee look to get in an area during prefishing before he has confidence to fish it in a tournament?
  • 51:53 Does Jordan Lee approach finding productive fishing areas differently between lakes and rivers?
  • 53:43 Should you fish familiar lakes like new bodies of water?
  • 55:33 How has eelgrass changed bass fishing on Lake Guntersville?

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