While modern technology has made targeting suspending fish easier, it is by no means is the easiest way to catch bass. Locating and catching suspended fish can be tough – and slow in the Wintertime – but it can also lead to catching some of the biggest fish in the lake. In this seminar, Cody Meyer explains his method for catching suspended bass. Meyer explains just how key forward-facing sonar is when targeting these bass, and also shares some of his favorite techniques for each season – which include drop shotting, Senkos, and small swimbaits. 

  • 1:09 Understanding Suspending Fish
  • 6:10 Targeting Suspending Fish
  • 10:45 World Record Spotted Bass
  • 17:45 Catching Suspended Fish In The Winter
  • 27:00 Where To Find Spring-Time Suspended Fish
  • 28:00 Best Lures To Fish In The Spring
  • 32:30 Tracking Suspended Fish In The Summer
  • 38:00 Understanding Fall Transition

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