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This Bass University Live was recorded August 16th, 2017 with special guests Kurt Dove and 2017 FLW Outdoors Forrest Wood Cup Champion Justin Atkins, who caught nearly 60lbs. using a Ima Little Stik to win the tournament at Lake Murray. Justin talks about the experience of winning the FLW Championship, what a cane pile is and why he chose the Ima Little Stik topwater. Atkins shares how he was adjusting his humminbird electronics to quickly locate and mark cane piles. If you're interested in learning more about being a proficient angler with your Humminbord electronics, check out Brent Ehrler's 2 bass fishing electronics instructional videos on Humminbird electronics Catching Bass with Humminbird Sonar Electronics and Sonar Bass Fishing. FLW Champion Just Atkins answers some Bass University TV subscriber questions, including, "What was your follow-up bait for your Ima Little Stik topwater?", "What events were you fishing leading up to your first year on the FLW tour?".

Kurt Dove talks about Hayabusa Bass Hooks and Jigheads and shows off some of these technique-specific Japanese bass fishing hooks.

Duo Realis David Swendseid talks about spybaits, which is a sinking finesse bait, which is something akin to a cross between a jerkbait and a topwater prop bait. He talks about the importance of line diameter and whether fish can detect fishing line in the water. David talks about the tackle he uses to fish spybaits and how he recommends fishing the lure for beginners. Swendseid also answers some Bass University TV subscriber questions like, "Do you have any experience spybait fishing for largemouth bass?". David confirms that this is a great lure for largemouth, and shares a story about catching a near-state-record, and stories about folks consistently catching fish on a spybait/spinbait. David also answers water clarity questions like, "What about fishing spinbaits in cloudy water? Is spybaiting strictly a clear water technique?". Learn more about Duo Realis baits, spybaits & spinbaits from our iCast 2017 coverage.

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