Explore the world of year-round bass fishing with the help of expert tips for fishing docks from Noah Schultz, an experienced bass angler. In this special on-water Bass University session you'll learn valuable tips to boost your skills in dock fishing and catch more bass throughout the year.

Noah shares his top three bait choices that work wonders for fishing near docks. He breaks down the details of the fishing rod, reel, and fishing line he uses, setting you up for success. Noah prefers using strong braided fishing line, which helps avoid breaks when fishing in tricky spots around docks where big bass like to hide.

Noah dives into the strategies he uses when fishing near docks. He breaks down the three main types of bait he relies on and highlights the best areas around docks to focus your efforts. Drawing from his victories in fishing tournaments, Noah's approach involves exploring new and less-fished spots. He'll also show you how to do a roll cast, a technique that lets you expertly guide your bait under docks and into tight spaces.

Join Noah Schultz to become a dock fishing expert with the knowledge you'll gain in this immersive Bass University on-water experience.

Noah Schultz's Dock Fishing Domination Chapters

  • 0:16: Go-To Baits for Docks
  • 11:20: Attacking Docks
  • 19:10: Roll Casting
  • 21:30: Key Docks
  • 24:30: Fishing a Craw Tube
  • 37:40: Braid for Fishing Docks
  • 43:30: Fishing a Frog Around Docks

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