Rapala Original Floater & Other Jerkbaits - Bernie Schultz


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Rapala Original Floater & Other Jerkbaits - Bernie Schultz


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Bernie Schultz has been fishing regional tournaments with BASS since 1982 and the professional tour full-time since 1987. Bernie has fished The Bassmaster Classic 9 times spanning 4 different decades. He has a wealth of fishing knowledge. In this segment, Bernie joins Pete Gluszek and Pat Renwick at the 2020 Bassmaster Classic to talk about fishing jerkbaits and the original jerkbait.

  • 0:26 Introduction of Bernie Schultz and Bernie's legendary 30+ year professional bass fishing career
  • 1:31 The 2020 Bassmaster Elite Series
  • 2:29 Original Rapala floater and the first jerkbait
  • 5:46 How to fish a Rapala original floater
  • 16:18 Jerkbait bite as water color changes
  • 19:28 Carolina rigging a floating jerkbait?
  • 20:20 What's next on tour for Bernie Schultz and the young guys and technology on tour

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