Topwater fishing is one of the most exciting ways for anglers to catch bass. While every lure has a time and a place, it’s hard to argue against seeing a bass explode on a bait with your own eyes. Topwater baits come in all shapes and sizes: poppers, chuggers, prop baits, walking baits, buzz baits, and even frogs. In this seminar, Bernie Schultz will explain how each of those baits has a time and place throughout the year. 

Schultz highlights the best rods, reels, and line for various topwater lures, and how to retrieve each one. Schultz also discusses some of his favorite modifications and the history of topwater lures. 

  • 4:30 How To Fish Poppers And Chuggers
  • 11:40 Selecting The Best Setup For Poppers
  • 17:30 How To Fish Prop Baits
  • 25:45 Selecting The Best Setup For Prop Baits
  • 31:50 How To Fish Walking Baits
  • 35:40 Selecting The Best Setup For Walking baits
  • 37:00 How To Fish Hollow Body Frogs
  • 48:00 How To Fish Buzzbaits

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