In this remastered bass fishing video class seminar, Bernie Schultz shares seasonal tips for how to find bass. If you know where bass like to hang out at different times of the year and in different conditions, you can eliminate a lot of unproductive water. Whether you're a tournament angler or a weekend angler, on any given day one of the most important things is how to find the bass fast. It's also important to know how to catch the bass. Bernie goes on to share some lures that work as well as Bernie Schultz's confidence baits for bass.

  • 0:07 Time is critical, as bass fishing conditions change, you want to know how to find bass fast
  • 2:40 Collecting information, research and planning for a bass fishing trip - where to find information on how to catch bass
  • 7:07 Boat and tackle preparation - ensuring that you have the baits, tackle and colors that perform well on that body of water
  • 11:22 Developing a strategy with considerations of things like seasonal patterns
  • 14:15 Places to look for bass on a new body of water - structure & cover
  • 16:49 Beating the bank or fishing offshore?
  • 17:02 Types of forage - what are the bass eating?
  • 18:06 Wind & current
  • 21:56 Fishing pressure in community fishing holes vs fishing an area to yourself (and how to fish a community hole)
  • 24:42 Electronics, waypoints and marker buoys
  • 26:59 Where to find bass in the Winter
  • 27:22 Where to find bass in prespawn (early Spring)
  • 27:47 Where to find bass in the summer
  • 28:40 Autumn tips for finding bass
  • 29:53 Places to find bass on a reservoir (examples of contour maps on where to look for bass in reservoirs)
  • 33:55 What to do during a cold front (where do the bass go?)
  • 35:54 Lures that work for Bernie Schultz
  • 39:00 Bernie Schultz's confidence lures
  • 48:34 Don't make finding the bass pattern more complicated than it is

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