As the leaves turn colors, and the nights become cold again, bass begin to spread out more than they have in recent months. While this Fall transition can be a tough time to chase fish, once you locate them it can be one of the most rewarding times of the entire year. A key component of locating fish in the Fall is covering as much water as you can. In this seminar, Greg DiPalma breaks down one of his favorite baits for targeting bass this time of year: a lipless crankbait. DePalma breaks down his tactics for using various lipless crankbaits to help locate and catch fish during this tough time of year.  

  • 2:00 Finding Bait With Your Electronics
  • 3:20 Understanding Highland Reservoirs
  • 6:10 Picking The Right Lipless Crankbait
  • 10:10 Rod And Reel Selection
  • 11:30 Picking The Right Gear
  • 14:45 Fall Transition
  • 17:45 Varying Your Retrieve
  • 28:25 Feeling For Baitfish
  • 29:35 Using Electronics To Your Advantage
  • 31:15 Making Adjustments

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