Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Greg DiPalma (aka GDP) is breaking down springtime bass fishing with Bass University, emphasizing the power of red in the spring.

GDP dives into all his favorite red baits in the spring, from crankbaits to red-bladed jigs Greg covers it all. 

DiPalma explains why the color and contrast of a red bait is so powerful in those colder water temps. Rod, reel, and line setups are also important, especially with treble-hooked baits, GDP goes in-depth on his specific setups for all his favorite springtime baits. 

GDP finds an area with some shallow rock, and puts an absolute beatdown on giant pre-spawn largemouth with a red crankbait, proving his theory of the power of ‘Seeing Red”. 

If you want to learn about springtime fishing and the power of using red, be sure to wathc this on-the-water seminar with Greg Dipalma and Bass University.

Power of Red Baits in the Spring Class Chapters

  • 0:15: GDP Introduction
  • 1:35: Why Red Is So Powerful
  • 5:25: Bait Selection and Color Contrast
  • 12:45: Lipless Crankbaits
  • 15:00: Red Bladed Jigs
  • 19:30: Treble Hook Selection
  • 20:35: Rod, Reel, and Line Setups
  • 29:31: Pre Spawn Cranking Bass Beatdown

Red Baits & Spring Cranking Class Summary

  • Greg DiPalma emphasizes simplicity in fishing techniques in this on-water class.
  • He highlights the effectiveness of red baits in early spring and prespawn, influenced by crayfish behavior and color changes.
  • DiPalma recommends various red crankbaits and discusses the importance of contrast in bait colors and appropriate hook selection.
  • He provides advice on rod, reel, and line setups for different techniques, including lipless baits, chatterbaits, and jerkbaits.
  • DiPalma explains why the color and contrast of red baits are powerful in colder water temperatures.
  • He showcases his specific setups for springtime baits, especially treble-hooked baits.
  • DiPalma demonstrates success with a red crankbait in shallow rocky areas while fishing for prespawn largemouth.


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