Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass fishing angler Greg DiPalma is ready to take you through a day of bed fishing for spawning bass. Getting started in the parking lot, Greg talks about the Humminbird/Minn Kota electronics he relies on to locate bass and stay in place while sight fishing. DiPalma breaks down 3 primary baits & tackle he uses: a power technique, a finesse approach and an super finesse approach. Once in the water, learn how DiPalma scans the shoreline looking for beds & fish. Find out how he approaches beds differently if he's practicing for a tournament than when he's in a tournament or fun fishing. Lastly, watch as Greg leans into a couple of bass and puts some big prespawn, spawn and postspawn bass in the boat on this day on the lake on a Northern fishery.

  • 0:20 Electronics for spawning bass fishing
  • 3:45 What is the spawn? When does it happen?
  • 5:55 Reading behavior of spawning bass
  • 7:33 Do you catch the male first?
  • 8:09 Baits for catching bass on spawning beds
  • 11:54 Working with conditions for the best sight fishing
  • 12:42 Being stealthy with shallow water anchors
  • 13:23 Marking beds with waypoints
  • 14:21 Trick for seeing through water surface pollen
  • 15:11 How to mark beds in tournament practice
  • 18:09 What do beds look like & where do you find them?
  • 19:45 More of reading bedding bass behavior
  • 20:16 Blind bed fishing
  • 20:45 Fishing for a spooky spawning bass on a bed
  • 26:30 How long do bass stay on beds?
  • 27:26 Fishing prespawn targets while looking for beds
  • 29:36 When they swat at it, that's a good sign!

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