Matt Becker has taken the Bass Pro Tour by storm in his debut season as a rookie, securing the prestigious title of Angler of the Year while also triumphing on Saginaw Bay. His rapid rise in the realm of professional fishing positions him as a valuable source of insights and expertise.

In this exclusive Bass University Seminar, Becker delves deeply into the art of "Tightlining," alternatively known as the "Damiki Rig." Drawing from his impressive track record in past tournaments, Matt generously shares the secrets behind his mastery of this technique. Throughout the seminar, he thoughtfully expounds upon his meticulous selection of rod, reel, and line, enabling fellow anglers to optimize their efficiency while employing this method. With a keen focus on enhancing your angling prowess, Matt delves into his preferred range of soft plastics tailored for the "Tightlining" approach, spotlighting standouts like the Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm.

Within the seminar's immersive content, Becker breaks down the intricacies of "Tightlining," elucidating two different methods he employs. An indispensable element that Matt underscores is the significance of tying a loop knot, a practice that imparts unparalleled realism to the bait during its retrieval. Moreover, he elaborates on the choice of a jig head featuring life-like eyes, which Matt belives triggers more bites and enhances the approach of the presentation.

Navigating beyond the technical aspects, Matt extensively addresses the art of pinpointing optimal locations where this finesse-driven approach truly shines. He underscores the pivotal role of seasonal dynamics and highlights the crucial correlation between bait selection and local forage.

In this comprehensive Bass University Seminar, the distinguished Matt Becker, reigning BPT Angler of the Year, opens up a treasure trove of knowledge, thoroughly dissecting the nuances of "Tightlining" to equip anglers of all levels with the tools they need to succeed.

Angler of the Year Matt Becker's Tightlining Breakdown Chapters

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