Of course, the latest electronics have moved a lot of anglers offshore in the heat of the summer. What used to be secret spots offshore are now community holes. Jordan Lee believes that a good number of big bass stay up shallow during the summer, but not just any stretch of shallow bank will do. In this bass fishing class seminar video, the 2x Bassmaster Classic champ shares what he traits he looks for in a shallow summertime bass fishing spot. Jordan also shares some of his favorite baits for fishing shallow in the heat of the summer. Finally, Jordan Lee answers a deluge of questions about shallow fishing in the summer.

  • 0:15 How electronics advancements are changing fishing
  • 1:15 Not all bass will be offshore in the summer months
  • 2:56 Humminbird 360 & Panoptix LiveScope
  • 5:09 Why fish shallow for bass in the summer?
  • 10:14 What Jordan Lee looks for in the summer shallows
  • 23:30 Summer bass fishing baits that Jordan Lee likes
  • 26:34 Texas rig bass fishing in the summer
  • 29:40 Catching scattered smallmouth on Champlain
  • 32:08 Better end of the lake for fishing shallow?
  • 32:56 How important are bream beds when fishing shallow?
  • 34:11 Go-to lure when all else fails in the summer
  • 35:21 How important is the fall rate on a jig?
  • 36:46 Strategy for blueback herring lakes?
  • 38:10 Practice difference for shallow vs offshore
  • 39:39 Boat position & trolling motor speed for shallow
  • 41:06 How long offshore before going shallow?
  • 42:33 Turn off electronics up shallow?
  • 43:33 Difference between shallow offshore & on the bank?

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