2X Bassmaster Classic champion tournament bass fishing champion Jordan Lee returns to The Bass University in Gadsden, AL in the winter to talk about finesse swimbait fishing. This technique will catch largemouth, but it's outstanding for spotted bass and smallmouth. In this bass fishing master class video seminar, Jordan Lee breaks down all the tackle and equipment you will need to fish this technique. Once you have the gear, Jordan shares the details of rigging (including color choices, jighead sizes and when to user and underspin). With a bait rigged up and on the right tackle, you'll learn how to fish this bait effectively to catch bass, and Jordan Lee will share tips on locating the bass using your electronics and targeting key areas where spotted bass live.

  • 0:06 Why talk about finesse swimbaits?
  • 1:12 Two sizes of finesse swimbaits and how imporant size is in selecting a swimbait
  • 3:26 Having the right gear for finesse swimbait fishing (spinning vs baitcasting tackle)
  • 12:41 How to rig a finesse swimbait (jighead and soft plastic bait, like the Berkley Powerbait Power Swimmer Swimbait)
  • 23:23 Finesse swimbait presentation
  • 27:59 Water color that's ideal for bass fishing with a finesse swimbait
  • 30:17 Color selection for this technique
  • 32:12 Fishing for schooling fish with a finesse swimbait
  • 33:40 Tips for when to fish an underspin and catching more fish on short strikers
  • 39:02 Areas to fish a finesse swimbait and finding spotted bass with electronics
  • 46:23 Does Jordan Lee make changes to his finesse swimbait approach in the summer when fishing around grass?
  • 47:36 Does Jordan Lee ever fish a fluke-style bait on a jighead?
  • 48:38 Does Jordan Lee relocate if he's catching the wrong species (not bass, particularly in a tournament) on a finesse swimbait?

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