2x Bassmaster Classic champion Jordan Lee sits down with Pete Gluszek and Professional Fish Head to talk about dealing with fishing pressure. Fishing pressure can shut down bass and make them move off of prime spots. Learn how Jordan Lee changes his baits and techniques to catch pressured bass, his approach to sharing water with other anglers, and where to look when the fish dissappear.

  • 0:27 Jordan Lee wins everything
  • 1:14 Jordan Lee dreams of bigger team tournaments
  • 4:06 Fishing in pressured situations
  • 5:29 Fish change from day-to-day based on fishing pressure and sometimes they are REALLY easy to catch
  • 7:25 What makes the fish shut down or move?
  • 11:44 Tactics for when you find bass grouped up that have been pressured
  • 13:54 Maxscent and scent in general for pressured bass
  • 15:12 How do you manage fishing with other pros and local anglers on pressured waters?
  • 19:22 How do you find unpressured fish, Lake Guntersville secret eelgrass technique
  • 23:08 Does being stealthy help in pressured fishing situations?

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