In the December, 2017 episode of Bass University Live, we welcome 2017 Bassmaster Classic champion Jordan Lee! This episode is dedicated to fishing jigs. Many tournaments are won with this bait, and lots of people swear by it as the go-to big fish/kicker fish bait. There's one problem for the average weekend angler, they report having a hard time building confidence in the bait. Short 1-on-1 time in the boat with a pro, this is some of the best, confidence-building jig information you'll find, coming from 3 BASS tournament champions & Classic qualifiers, including an angler-of-the-year and 2 Bassmaster Classic champions! Mike, Pete and Jordan discuss various jig types, detecting the bite, customizing the bait (trimming skirts and weed guards), setting the hook (hooksets are free!). Concerning hooksets on a jig, Mike shares a good thought, "Better to look the fool, than to be the fool". If it feels different, set the hook!

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