Jordan Lee's Finesse Fishing Playbook

Jordan Lee's Finesse Fishing Playbook


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Back-to-back Bassmaster Classic Champion Jordan Lee offers up his take on finesse bass fishing and covers 3 of his favorite finesse bass fishing techniques. Here's what you'll learn in this bass fishing educational training video seminar:

  • 0:29 The Neko Rig - Jordan's go-to power finesse fishing technique. Learn what types of bass to target with this rig, where to fish it, and seasonal changes to make to your setup. Learn the tackle Jordan Lee uses for fishing the neko rig, along with several secret rigging and fishing tips.
  • 22:39 The Dropshot Rig - The dropshot rig will catch all bass, but it's a super for smallmouth. Jordan Lee dispels some myths about the drop shot rig, which is a great vertical presentation rig, but also effective for casting and flipping. Lee shares information about tackle selection, including hooks, weights, baits & colors he prefers for this finesse fishing technique.
  • 36:00 The Shakey Head Rig - One of the most "bite getting" rigs, it's an all-around effective bait that be used in a lot of situations.
  • Question & Answer time about Jordan Lee's favorite finesse techniques

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