Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Champion Brock Mosley joins Bass University in this seminar on his confidence bait, the chatterbait.

The chatterbait is proven to be one of the most effective lures in certain situations. Brock breaks down his chatterbait selection, color, size, and setups. Brock dives into the seasonal approach with the chatterbait, and how he fishes it depending on the season and time of year. 

Join Brock Mosley and Bass University in this seminar all about chatterbaits (bladed jigs) and learn their effectiveness and how it is one of the most versatile baits in bass fishing. 

Brock Mosley's Chatterbait Tips Class Chapters

  • 0:17: Versatility of Chatterbait 
  • 2:40: The Setup 
  • 8:27: Chatterbait Lure & Color Selection 
  • 22:00: Seasonal Approach 
  • 31:05: When and Where 
  • 35:22: Chatterbait Q&A

Versatile Chatterbait Class Summary

  • Brock Mosley, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, shares his expertise on the chatterbait, a go-to lure in bass fishing.
  • Learn the ins and outs of chatterbait selection, including color, size, and setups, straight from a champion angler.
  • Dive into the seasonal approach with the chatterbait, understanding how to adapt your fishing techniques throughout the year.
  • Gain insights on when and where to use the chatterbait effectively, enhancing your success out fishing.

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