Bassmaster Elite Series Champion Brock Mosley offers insights into his tournament techniques in this seminar with Bass University. Hailing from an area where catching a limit is considered a success, Brock has an advantage when facing tough fisheries on the professional tour. Brock has proven this with his high finishes and wins on the Elite Series. He emphasizes the importance of mindset, especially for anglers who are not accustomed to the challenge of catching only five fish a day. Mosley also discusses the key baits he relies on in these grinder-style tournaments and the gear he uses. 

If you fish in pressured fisheries and are looking to improve your approach, mindset, and bait selection, watch this class with Elite Series Champion Brock Mosley and Bass University to learn how to grind out a limit.

“I love grinder tournaments, because half the field is out of it before it event starts… now you have an advantage.” -Brock Mosley

Grinder-Style Bass Fishing Tournament Class Chapters

  • 0:22: Introduction (Mindset)
  • 5:19: Tournament Approach 
  • 9:30: The Grinders Toolbox 
  • 17:00: Grinder Tournaments Q&A

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