Bryan Thrift returned to The Bass University in Gadsden, AL in January. Bryan Thrift is a top FLW bass tournament angler with over $2.5 million dollars in FLW tournament winnings. In this bass fishing class, Thrift is talking about finesse swimbaits. Learn how Thrift is going behind people and catching bass, often big bass, with this finesse approach.

  • 0:54 Finesse swimbait : what they are & why Bryan likes fishing them
  • 2:01 Equipment and setup for fishing finesse swimbaits in open water (rod, reel & line). The bait Damiki Armor Shad Paddle Tail Swimbaits rigged on Damiki Rig Jigheads
  • 5:15 The whole key to being effective with this technique is retrieve
  • 8:06 Fishing points, banks or slick bottom areas
  • 12:53 What areas of the country are finesse swimbaits effective?
  • 19:28 Thrift's equipment setup for fishing docks and cover
  • 25:04 How do you approach different types of docks wiht a finesse swimbait?
  • 29:46 Skipping this bait (Check out Bryan's full seminar on this topic The Art of Skipping Baits)
  • 41:20 Will this bait catch fish later in the day after the shad spawn feast in the morning is over?
  • 44:42 What areas do you fish this and what tiime of year?
  • 46:51 Differences between the Damiki Armor Shad, the Keitech Swimbait and other swimbaits
  • 48:05 What determines the swimbait color to use?
  • 49:20 Setting the hook on a finesse swimbait

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