Have you ever wanted a combination of a floating behavior of a hollow-body frog with the enticing action of a buzz toad? We thought so, and Bryan Thrift dreamed about that combination as well. While studying the Air Craw, he and Damiki devised a pontoon system for a topwater frog that will right itself, float with it's head up, provide great kicking action and work great with a big-gapped Beast hook. Buzz it across the top or work it like a popper, no you can choose without changing baits. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Thrift breaks down where and how he fishes the Damiki Air Frog throughout the year from Spring to late Fall.

  • 0:08 Bryan Thrift designed Damiki Air Frog
  • 4:02 Hook for fishing the Damiki Air Frog
  • 8:47 Rigging a Damiki Air Frog
  • 9:50 Ways to fish a Damiki Air Frog
  • 12:44 Bryan Thrift's tackle for fishing an air frog
  • 17:30 Where to fish an air frog
  • 20:22 Frog colors
  • 24:17 Fall targets for frog fishing
  • 27:24 Summer bream bed bites
  • 33:38 Fishing a frog in November
  • 35:42 Air frog hookset
  • 37:54 Popping vs straight retrieve
  • 44:38 Double hook or single hook
  • 45:45 Rattle in air frogs?
  • 46:20 Follow-up bait to air frog
  • 48:28 Flipping : tungsten vs lead

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