Bassmaster Rookie of the Year and Bassmaster Elite Series Champion Jay Przekurat joins Bass University in this seminar titled “Breaking Down New Water”

Jay is a young phenom in the sport of bass fishing and has a proven track record on the elite series as being one of the most consistent anglers on tour. 

Jay breaks down his strategy for approaching a new body of water which includes online research, and maximizing practice. Jay takes on a Q/A with the other anglers in the classroom and helps simplify some popular questions when it comes down to fishing a new body of water.

Join Bassmaster Elite Series Champion Jay Przekurat and Bass University in this seminar to help any angler break down a new body of water. 

Bass Fishing New Waters Class Video Chapters

  • 0:16: Breaking Down New Bodies of Water 
  • 1:00: Online Research 
  • 6:08: Stage of Fish 
  • 12:08: Location
  • 15:55: Zone Research 
  • 18:10: Maximizing Practice 
  • 29:32: You Can’t Catch Someone Else’s Fish!
  • 30:19: Q/A

Learn The Following About How to Fish a New Body of Water

  • Jay Przekurat's insights on approaching new bodies of water
  • Seminar covers online research and practice maximization
  • Common questions about new water fishing
  • Elite strategies for decoding unfamiliar fishing locations
  • Focus on the stage of fish and effective zone research
  • Pro tips for tackling challenges
  • Blueprint for success in breaking down new water
  • Navigating the unknown waters with Bassmaster expertise
  • Unlocking secrets for success in unfamiliar fishing spots

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