In this informative Bass University on-the-water, seasoned angler Pete Gluszek, affectionately known as "The Dean," takes us on an educational journey through the world of fishing in areas with tidal grass.

In the second installment of his series on fishing amidst changing tides, Pete shares some invaluable tools of the trade, including his very own creation, "The Dean's Rig." This innovative rig can be a game-changer when dealing with the challenges presented by tidal fisheries on those days when the fish seem particularly finicky.

As Pete delves deeper into the topic, he expounds on the intricate dance of fish behavior as the tide transitions from outgoing to incoming. This phase can be notably perplexing for many anglers, and Pete provides keen insights into the crucial spots and prime areas to target during this transitional period.

For those aspiring to become more proficient in the art of tidal water angling, this comprehensive four-part series titled "Fishing Through the Tides" with Pete Gluszek serves as an ideal starting point. Join us in watching and learning from the experts at The Bass University as we unravel the secrets of success in these unique fishing conditions.

Bass Fishing Through the Tides Chapters

  • 0:15: Different Types of Grass
  • 2:50: Attacking Tidal Grass
  • 17:10: Incoming Tide Breakdown
  • 26:40: Targets for Incoming Tide
  • 30:15: Tidal Fishing Recap

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