In this Bass University on-water bass fishing class, Pete Gluszek and Fred Roumbainis share their expertise on fishing with topwater frogs. Both seasoned veteran anglers with notable accomplishments, Pete and Fred provide valuable insights on the techniques and strategies involved in effectively using this bait to catch numbers of bass and big bass.

Fred delves into the topic of color selection when fishing with a topwater frog. He explains how to choose the appropriate color based on the forage present in the lake or water body you are fishing in. Fred collaborated with Stanford Baits to create his own signature frog, known as the "Boom Boom” frog, fitted with the signature “Frog Fur".

This class also covers the optimal seasons and water temperatures for fishing with a topwater frog. Fred suggests to start fishing a frog once the water temperature hits 60 degrees but admits he throws it before that mark and has had success. Fred emphasizes the importance of using the right equipment, including suitable braided line and rod choices, to enhance your frog fishing experience and increase hookup percentage.

As a renowned expert and lover of frog fishing, Fred Roumbainis reveals his top three retrieves for effectively fishing with a topwater frog. He elaborates on the scenarios in which each retrieve is most effective, providing valuable tips on how to entice big bass with these retrieves.

During the class, Pete and Fred put their knowledge into practice by showcasing their fishing skills and hooking up with some impressive bass. The audience witnesses exciting strikes as the duo demonstrates the techniques discussed throughout the class.

Overall, this comprehensive class covers everything from A to Z when it comes to fishing with topwater frogs, offering valuable information and showcasing thrilling topwater strikes.

Chapters: Secret Tips for Topwater Frog Fishing

  • 0:10 Introduction with Roumbanis & Gluszek
  • 4:20 Frog Color Selection 
  • 6:50 Boom Boom Frog 
  • 11:35 On the Water Frog Fishing
  • 14:15 Best Seasons and Water Temperature 
  • 21:00 Equipment for Frogging
  • 26:00 Walking the Frog
  • 26:50 Chugging the Frog
  • 28:10 Snapping the Frog
  • 30:06 When to use Different Retrieves
  • 33:15 When to Set the Hook
  • 41:00 Catching Fish on a Topwater Frog
  • 49:24 Missed Strikes

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