One of our most popular presenters, "Dollar" Bill Lowen, is back with The Bass University in Kokomo, Indiana to talk about seasonal shallow water cranking. Bill grew up fishing the rivers, and most of the fish were shallow by necessity all year long. Bill Lowen wants to share with Bass University students what he learned during his years of prusuing bass in shallow water. In this 50-minute bass fishing instructional seminar, you'll learn:

  • Best crankbaits and locations to target in winter and early spring
  • What bait to throw in the early spring when fish are starting to move up in the shallow flats before they spawn
  • Determining which creek channels are the best and how they differ
  • The fall transition from shallow water areas back toward the wintering areas
  • balsa crankbaits vs plastic crankbaits
  • keys to getting bites and maximizing time in the strike zone during the winter months
  • Learn what seasons Bill fishes the PH Custom Lures "Lowen's" Dollar Bill Crankbait, Ima Pinjack 200 Crankbait and other flatside, shallow and squarebill crankbaits
  • Bill shares his favorite 3 colors for shallow-running crankbaits

Use these handy shortcuts to quickly navigate topics in this seasonal shallow cranking bass fishing instructional video:

  • 1:55 Cranking locations by season
    • 2:00 Spring time
    • 6:50 When to go lipless
    • 8:40 Summer cranking
    • 13:00 Late fall early winter
  • 15:20 Bait and gear for the seasons
  • 17:30 Keys to get bites
  • 24:00 Balsa vs. plastic
  • 32:45 Lure color
  • 38:25 Detecting a bite
  • 39:05 Different actions
  • 40:10 Pay attention to whats going on
  • 43:15 Rod and reel

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