Spinnerbait Bass Fishing - Gluszek : Remastered

Out very own Pete "The Dean" Gluszek was in Florida to share his years of knowledge fishing spinnerbaits. In this digitally remastered bass fishing educational video seminar, Pete shares tips to get your started selecting the right spinnerbaits for the right situations (or changing out the right blades or other components), teaches you how to fish a spinnerbait (with bonus tips for Florida lakes) and and the best conditions for fishing a spinnerbait.

  • 1:38 Pete Gluszek's experience with Florida wildlife
  • 7:30 Why spinnerbaits aren't as prominent on the professional tours, but why you should be fishing them
  • 9:55 Primary spinnerbait fishing conditions
    • 11:40 Tip for fishing windy banks in Florida vs the rest of the country
    • 15:39 Finesse fishing vs power fishing with baits like a spinnerbait
  • 16:34 Spinnerbaits catch big fish!
  • 16:58 Conditions where you may not want to throw a spinnerbait
  • 18:22 Spinnerbait blade types and what they offer in terms of flash and sound
  • 20:11 Spinnerbaits (like Stanley Wedge Plus Spinnerbaits), colors and blade configurations that Pete Gluszek uses in different situations
  • 30:48 How to fish a spinnerbait in different situtations (with bonus tips specifically for Florida)
  • 38:16 Line size and type for fishing spinnerbaits

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