From the Livingston Pro Ripper to the Old Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap, Randy Howell loves to fish lipless crankbaits. If there's no ice on the water, it's rarely too cold to catch them on a lipless crankbait, and it's never too hot. In this remastered bass fishing seminar video, the 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion shares his seasonal tips and tackle for catching bass on a lipless bait. Learn when to fish different sized baits, when to slow down / speed up, and areas that hold bass in Spring, Summer and Fall.

  • 0:20 Story about catching bass in current behind his Power-Poles with a dropshot
  • 5:41 Getting started with lipless crankbait fishing tackle
  • 15:58 Randy Howell's favorite lipless crankbait, the Livingston Pro Ripper Lipless Crankbait
  • 18:35 How to fish a Livingston Pro Ripper Lipless Crankbait
  • 20:01 Locating bass with a lipless crankbait in the Spring
  • 28:53 Baits to fish and where to catch bass in the Summer
  • 35:01 Autumn (Fall) lipless crankbaits and fishing spots
  • 40:36 Lipless crankbait sounds
  • 46:31 How to keep up with Randy Howell on tour and learn about his faith
  • 47:39 Questions about lipless crankbait fishing with Randy Howell
    • 47:52 Water temperatures at various depths
    • 49:18 Whether to fish fast or slow in cold water
    • 52:00 Using the biggest lipless crankbaits
    • 53:32 What is "deep water" in Southern reservoirs
  • 55:57 King's Home and Randy Howell's annual boat giveaway

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