In this instructional class seminar video, Bassmaster Classic champion Randy Howell talks about the exciting world of topwater bass fishing. From poppers to walking baits to buzz shad, Randy talks about some of his favorite tips, tactics and techniques for catching bass that are feeding on the surface. Randy begins by sharing the budget-friendly Tatula line of top-quality bass fishing rods and reels from Daiwa, as well as the other tackle he uses to fish surface baits. Then he goes into details on specific baits, some from Livingston Lures, like : poppers, spook-style baits, prop baits & buzzbaits.

  • 1:05 Daiwa Tatula topwater bass fishing equipment that Randy Howell uses
  • 10:13 Randy Howell's topwater bass fishing line and leaders
  • 16:09 Fishing a topwater popper for bass : when & where
  • 32:25 Treble hooks and feathers for topwater lures
  • 38:06 Sounds and lights in hard plastic Livingston Lures
  • 40:31 Does Randy Howell use the stock hooks & split rings on topwater lures?
  • 43:53 Topwater walking baits (spook-style baits)
  • 47:25 Prop baits (devil's horse-style baits)
  • 51:47 Buzzbaits, buzztoads & buzz-n-shad

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