Are you interested in cranking all the way down near 30 ft? There are times of the year when bass go deep on any lake, but the term "deep" is relative. In some lakes, a 15ft ditch or drain might be as deep as you need to fish. Often running a crankbait down to these fish is a great way to trigger a bite from the biggest fish and/or fire up a school. Fish aren't always accustomed to seeing a big plug coming by their face at that depth. In this bass fishing class video seminar, Randy Howell shares tips on what plugs and tackle he uses for fishing at various target depths. He explains how he uses his electronics and other equipment to locate, line up on, catch fish on and stay on top of schools of deeper bass. Lastly, Randy Howell shares some tips on the best time to catch bass with a deep-diving crankbait.

  • 0:18 What is "deep cranking"?
  • 1:22 When is deep cranking effective?
  • 5:58 Electronics for deep cranking
  • 10:42 Using marker bouys
  • 15:59 Angles are key to deep cranking success
  • 19:44 Importance of contour lines on map cards
  • 23:29 Bottom composition & targets for summer
  • 28:00 12-15ft crankbaits
  • 32:00 15-20ft crankbaits
  • 32:55 Changing hooks on crankbaits
  • 37:52 Super-deep 20ft+ crankbaits
  • 43:21 Deep cranking equipment
  • 48:57 Time of year for deep cranking
  • 51:34 Easiest way to change treble hooks
  • 55:36 How does thermocline effect bass position
  • 57:35 What to do when a school of bass moves
  • 1:00:47 Be sure to save money with this tip

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