Randy Howell has made a living in fishing for decades, primarily with shallow and mid-depth cranking. Randy has worked with Livingston Lures for several years to develop lures that provide the actions with proven fish-catching ability with the addition of Livingston's sound. In this bass fishing class video seminar, Randy shares some tips on lures, tackle, baits and colors he uses to catch bass in the 0-12ft water depth ranges, including the depth range that he believes is most overlooked. Howell also dives into how he uses his Lowrance electronics to catch more fish than just cruising and casting down the bank. Finally, he answers some student questions about where to start, deflecting crankbaits and standard cranking retrieve.

  • 0:49 Randy Howell has made a living cranking
  • 2:05 Sounds technology attracts bass
  • 3:53 Shallow cranking - where, when, baits & tackle
  • 18:56 Mid-range cranking - where, when, baits & tackle
  • 33:21 Are electronics necessary for shallow & mid-range?
  • 41:35 Cranking equipment
  • 50:39 Save money and special lures with a plug knocker
  • 52:43 Where to start cranking on new water
  • 56:54 Mid-depth still looking for deflection?
  • 59:47 Normal cranking retrieve and rod position

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