Eel grass is one of the big 3 of bass fishing grasses, the others being hydrilla and milfoil. In this video, Pete talks about how to approach this specific type of grass that grows well in and around current. Learn what baits Pete uses to fish the matted grass, the holes and the isolated patches. Then Pete takes you on the water in this bass fishing class to show you how he fishes on top, in and around the edge of the ribbon grass.

  • 0:17 Out on a huge grass flat fishing eel grass
  • 0:59 What is eel grass (aka ribbon grass) and what are its characteristics?
  • 2:00 Eel grass, milfoil & hydrilla
  • 3:09 Baits for fishing in eel grass that's matted on the surface
  • 7:01 Baits for fishing pockets of eel grass
  • 9:49 Fishing eel grass edges
  • 10:21 Most impoortant tool for fishing eel grass & overview of Pete's plan to attack the eel grass in this class
  • 11:56 Fishing eel grass with a Zoom Horny Toad
  • 18:29 Fishing eel grass pockets with a soft plastic stick bait & buzz toad
  • 22:31 Fishing grass edges with a spinnerbait & chatterbait
  • 24:14 How long to spend in an area fishing grass
  • 31:04 Grass is always changing every year and every season
  • 34:37 Locating and fishing clearly-defined grass edges
  • 40:59 Detecting bites in the eel grass
  • 41:48 Topwater plug on the grass edge

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