Professional bass angler Mike Iaconelli is on the water ready to teach you some tips and tricks about fishing a suspending jerkbait, like the Rapala Shadow Rap Jerkbaits. Ike will go over: the equipment he uses to fish this bait, varying retrieves for different seasons and conditions, selecting the right size & color of jerkbait, getting the bait to the correct depth and other various tips & modifications.

  • 0:17 Mike Iaconelli loves fishing jerkbaits all year, but especially suspending jerkbaits in colder water
  • 0:44 Mike Iaconelli's tackle choices when jerkbait fishing and the characterisitcs he's looking for in a bait
  • 3:37 How to fish a jerkbait, the Mike Iaconelli way, and the importance of cadence
  • 8:32 Determining the depth zone that bass bite a jerkbait
  • 9:57 Bites on a suspending jerkbait
  • 12:36 Selecting the right suspending jerkbait for depth and forage color/size
  • 14:59 Knots, snaps and split rings for jerkbaits
  • 15:39 Selecting and changing hooks/line for different situations

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