Getting ready for a day on the water requires effective planning whether you’re in a bass boat or a kayak. With the increased popularity of kayak fishing in recent years, many anglers are making the move to these smaller vessels. In this seminar, Jody Queen breaks down how he prepares his kayak for a day on the way, how he manages his gear, and how to have a successful day of fishing. Queen focuses on the importance of preparing your kayak as much as you can before getting in it in the water. This includes preparing your electronics, loading your tackle, and steps you can take to be safer while you fish. One of the toughest transitions bass boat anglers have to make when moving into a kayak is just how much you have to downsize the amount of gear you take. Queen explains how he is able to take more than 10 rods with him, and plenty of tackle using a crate storage system. Much like with bass boats, launching a kayak on your own can be difficult, Queen goes in-depth on the safest ways to both launch and get in your kayak to help prevent any unnecessary incidents while preparing for your trip. 

  • 1:15 Importance Of A Life Jacket
  • 1:55 Kayak Tackle Storage
  • 3:00 Preparing To Launch Your Kayak
  • 4:20 How to Measure Your Fish
  • 5:30 How To Store Rods On A Kayak
  • 6:40 Using A Motor On A Kayak
  • 12:10 Benefit Of Forward-Facing Sonar
  • 14:15 Adding Electronics To Your Kayak
  • 19:50 How To Instal A Pedal Drive
  • 21:35 How To Launch A Kayak
  • 23:05 How To Get In Your Kayak
  • 24:45 How To Stay Organize While On The Water
  • 27:05 How To Measure A Fish On The Water
  • 30:50 Tips For Fishing More Comfortably

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