Jig fishing is one of the most popular ways to catch bass. It’s also one of the best ways to target larger fish. Due to the bait's versatility, it’s not only a staple for those fishing from the bank – or bass boat – but also for kayak anglers. The space limitation in a kayak forces anglers to be strategic with what gear they pack, which is a large part of the reason the jig is so popular.

In this seminar, Jody Queen discusses the different types of jigs, how to fish them, and the different challenges you may face fishing from a kayak. Queen breaks jigs down into three different categories: football, flipping, swimming, and swing-head. Football jigs are better suited for dragging around rocks and shell beds in open water or around points. Flipping jigs, however, are designed to come through brush better, which makes them more efficient for flipping cover and docks. Swim jigs are designed to imitate baitfish and come through grass. Swing-head jigs feature a free-swinging hook to attach a soft plastic bait to, which can be fished in the same areas as both a flipping and a football jig.

Queen fishes all of his jigs on a 7’6” medium-heavy rod with a high-speed reel, but his line depends heavily on the conditions. In clear water, he opts for fluorocarbon, but in all other circumstances, he uses braided line. He also breaks down the differences between fishing in a kayak compared to a bass boat for not only jig fishing, but bass fishing in general.

Kayak Jig Fishing Topics

  • 1:00 Tips For Fishing Football Jigs
  • 4:00 Tips For Fishing Flipping Jigs
  • 5:35 Tips For Fishing Swing-Head Jigs
  • 10:55 Adding New Techniques To Your Arsenal
  • 11:55 Best Setup For Jig Fishing
  • 12:50 Picking Right Components For Swing-Head Jigs
  • 16:05 Selecting The Right Line Size
  • 17:40 Differences In Fishing From A Kayak Vs. Bass Boat
  • 22:15 On The Water Jig Fishing with Jody Queen
  • 36:30 Measuring Bass On A Kayak

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