Jody Queen, a well-known kayak fishing legend, has achieved remarkable success in his career, including victories in prestigious events like the 2019 Hobie BOS and 2021 KBF at the Ten. One of his key techniques, which has contributed to his wins, is jigging a spinnerbait in dirty river systems. This unique approach might not be widely known, but Jody swears by its effectiveness and shares insights on how to successfully execute it from a kayak.

In the seminar, Jody discusses the equipment needed for this specific technique, including the rod, reel, and line selection. The right gear is crucial for effectively jigging a spinnerbait in heavy hard cover in these river environments. He emphasizes the importance of changing out the blades on your spinnerbait to a size 4 or 5 to achieve the desired erratic thumping action when jigging.

Kayak positioning is a critical aspect of this technique's success in moving water river situations. Jody explains that using this approach from a kayak gives anglers an advantage because they can stealthily sneak into spots and get on top of cover more silently than traditional boats. This allows kayak anglers to access areas that might be challenging for larger boats to reach.

To improve efficiency on the water, Jody discusses specific attachments for your kayak that can enhance your fishing experience. These tools can assist in kayak positioning, bait management, and other aspects that contribute to a more productive angling session.

Safety is always a priority, especially when fishing in moving water situations. Jody emphasizes the importance of wearing a life jacket when fishing from a kayak, particularly in rivers with currents. A life jacket is a crucial piece of safety gear that can potentially save your life in case of any unexpected incidents.

If you're interested in learning this fascinating and effective technique with a spinnerbait and becoming a more efficient angler in your kayak, the Bass University Seminar with Jody Queen on Jigging a Spinnerbait from a Kayak would be an invaluable resource.

Jody Queen's Secret Spinnerbait Technique Chapters

  • 1:00: Rod Selection
  • 2:24: Reel and Line Selection
  • 4:00: Fishing a Spinnerbait Differently 
  • 6:30: Color Selection
  • 9:12: Variables
  • 12:30: Bank Fishing
  • 13:36: Kayak Approach and Positioning
  • 18:38: Seasonal Approach
  • 19:38: Advantages of Kayak
  • 20:30: Kayak Safety
  • 22:03: Recap

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