Do you ever upsize your shaky head?

The shaky head is traditionally considered to be a light line, finesse tactic, but it can also be used on heavier gear to target bass deep in cover.

"A lot of people, when they throw the shaky head, they think you have to downsize your line, downsize your rods," said Jody Queen. "But what's becoming apparent in today's fishing world – and especially with kayaks – is you don't have to downsize to fish these baits anymore."

In this class, kayak angler Jody Queen breaks down how he uses the shaky head to target bass in a variety of different ways from his kayak on the water.

The shaky head offers a way for anglers to target fish near the bottom with soft plastic baits, typically some type of straight-tailed worm. However, anglers are utilizing all sorts of soft plastics for this technique.

Typically, this technique requires a spinning rod and light line, but for the way Queen fishes it, he opts for a medium-heavy baitcaster with 14lb fluorocarbon line.

Queen tackles how to select the right jig head, soft plastic bait, and how to locate and catch more fish in a kayak in this on-the-water class.

Kayak Shaky Head Fishing Chapters

  • 2:40 Tips For Spring Shaky Head Fishing
  • 8:05 How To Pick The Right Shaky Head
  • 11:20 Determining The Right Soft Plastic
  • 16:20 Best Gear Setup For Shaky Head Fishing
  • 19:55 On The Water Shaky Head Fishing With Jody Queen
  • 35:20 Limitation Of Kayak Fishing
  • 37:20 How To Find More Fish While Kayak Fishing
  • 42:25 How To Be More Comfortable In A Kayak
  • 48:00 Tips For Casting From A Kayak

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