Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Matty Wong from Hawaii, is presenting a seminar titled "Swimbaits Coast-to-Coast" on Bass University. During this seminar, Matty will discuss various categories of swimbaits, ranging from finesse swimbaits to big eight-inch megabass magdrafts. According to Matty, swimbaits are one of the most versatile baits in fishing, and there are many ways to fish and rig them for success.

Matty will explain his rod, reel, and line setups for his various swimbait techniques, using 8lb to 20lb line, highlighting the versatility of this bait style. If you want to become more confident in using swimbaits, Matty Wong will take you on a extensive educational journey through the world of swimbaits, covering everything from 2-inch finesse swimbaits to 8-inch swimbaits in this seminar, "Swimbaits Coast-to-Coast" available exclusively to members of Bass University.

Matty Wong Swimbait Class Chapters

  • 0:40: Matty Wong Introduction 
  • 5:25: What is a Swimbait?
  • 9:50: Megabass Spark Shad/Rigging
  • 22:43: Spark Shad Gear
  • 37:10: Realizm Swimbaits 
  • 45:16: Hazedong Gear
  • 46:15: The Megabass Magdraft
  • 1:10:54: Q&A

Matty Wong Swimbait Bass Fishing Class Summary

  • Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Matty Wong from Hawaii, hosts this exclusive member-only Bass University class on swimbaits.
  • Matty will cover various swimbait categories, from finesse to big eight-inch megabass magdrafts, highlighting their versatility in fishing.
  • Wong discusses rod, reel, and line setups for different swimbait techniques, ranging from 8lb to 20lb line.
  • Matty's seminar will include chapters on swimbait basics, Spark Shad rigging and gear, Realizm Swimbaits, Hazedong Gear, and The Magdraft.
  • Dive deep into the world of swimbaits with Matty Wong to boost your confidence in using them effectively.

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