One of the techniques bass fishing pro Fred Roumbanis is known for is fishing swimbaits. "Boom Boom" as he's also known, made a name for himself as a swimbait fisherman by popularizing the discontinued Bass Pro Shops XPS swimbait by finishing second with it in a Western Open, then catching over 100lbs. and finishing second again at Lake Amistad in the first Bassmaster Elite Series event back in 2006. Well, these baits were notoriously inconsistent and difficult to fish effectively. Additionally, as the story goes, the original molds for the XPS bait were destroyed in a fire. Roumbanis set to work with Optimum baits to recreate some of the fish-catching characteristics, and improve some of the inconsistencies from the XPS swimbait. In this seminar, Fred Roumbanis will share the tips, tactics and techniques that have helped him and a handful of other pros win lots of tournament money using this style of swimbait.

  • 0:37 Swimbait fishing is a natural way to fish
  • 1:04 Styles of soft body swimbait fishing
    • 2:12 Weedless swimbait rigging tips, color selection, line selection, when to fish it & more
    • 12:03 Rigging on a jighead and when/how to fish it
    • 16:58 Rigged version of the Boom Boom swimbait and how the whole Boom Boom swimbait craze got started
    • 24:55 Optimum Boom Boom Line-Thru Swimbait color selection and tips & tricks
  • 32:08 Applications - when and where to fish soft swimbaits
  • 32:21 When to use the line-thru over the rigged
  • 33:53 When to use the underspin
  • 34:48 Does Fred Roumbanis use hydrowave with the shad spawn?
  • 36:00 Tackle for fishing swimbaits
  • 37:42 A story on how fish can become conditioned and determining the environmental change that makes them bite

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