In this 45-minute bass fishing instructional video, BASS tournament anglers Fred "Boom Boom" Roumbanis and Pete Gluszek are down at Lake El Salto, a big fish paradise, on a trip hosted by Angler's Inn Fishing Resort. Fred is a master of fishing swimbaits for bass. Growing up, he would see bass ready to feed as trout were stocked in local lakes. Fred Roumbanis learned not to be scared of throwing a bait that appears to be large. He won some of his early tournaments on swimbaits, and shares how you can gain confidence and change your perception about the size of swimbaits. Like Fred says, "They make the mouth big on a bass for a reason".

What You Will Learn About Fishing Swimbaits for Bass

  • Seasonal patterns - Swimbaits are a year-round bait, Boom Boom will share what baits he uses and how he fishes the bait to trigger strikes in every season.
  • Water clarity - Find out what visibility/depth that Fred looks for, and how he continues to catch fish in dirtier water.
  • Boom Boom's Optimum Swimbaits - What makes this swimbait special, influences for the design & why it catches. You will also learn different ways to rig these swimbaits, including line, hook and weight recommendations.
  • When to set the hook - What Fred sees when fishing swimbaits is a lot of anglers set the hook prematurely. Learn the best time to set the hook and how to know when the bass has the bait.
  • Locations - "Where do I fish a swimbait?" is the question that many angler have. In this video, you will learn how to read the conditions to determine the best location to fish your swimbait, perhaps more so than what structure or cover you should target.
  • Gluszek and Roumbanis fish around beautiful El Salto in search of the pattern.

If you are just getting started with swimbaits, or have tried with little succes in the past, this video is a great way to learn how to fish a swimbait effectively. Because of it's size and the various ways it can be fished, the swimbait can be an intimidating lure for a lot of fishermen. Watch this video and let Fred Roumbanis share many of the secrets he's learned from years of fishing this lure and even designing the bait he uses to catch bass in this video.

If you'd like to learn more about Boom Boom's swimbaits, be sure to also check out our iCast 2017 Live video with Fred Roumbanis and the Boom Boom Swimbait

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