Oversized topwater baits are one of the best ways to catch bigger bass. These surface-level lures can help generate reaction strikes from big bass all year. In this seminar, Bassmaster Elite Series and Megabass pro Matty Wong highlights his experience with fishing large topwater baits. Wong shares his recommendation for the best rod and reel for topwater lures, as well as several of the best topwater baits from Megabass. 

  • 1:05 Best Setup For Oversized Topwaters
  • 2:30 Key Topwater Baits
  • 4:00 Topwater Fishing In The Winter
  • 7:00 Topwater Fishing in The Summer
  • 8:15 Topwater Fishing In The Fall
  • 9:00 How To Target Key Areas For Topwater Bites
  • 13:55 Understanding What The Bass Are Eating
  • 15:20 Best Topwater Fishing Tips
  • 19:20 How To Follow Up On Missed Strikes
  • 19:55 How To Land Topwater Fish
  • 21:20 Why Do Big Bass React To Large Lures?
  • 22:50 How To Get Started With Oversized Topwaters

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