Join Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Bass Nation Champion, Matty Wong, as he teams up with Bass University to present a seminar focused on understanding new water and fish behavior.

Matty, being from Hawaii, is no stranger to fishing in unfamiliar waters. Through his experience, he has honed his skills and developed strategies for finding success in these new environments. In this seminar, Matty underscores the importance of understanding the specific fishery, learning from each bite, recognizing your strengths, and monitoring water temperature trends.

Whether you're seeking guidance on how to analyze new bodies of water, gain insight into fish movements and behavior, or conquer challenging situations, this seminar featuring Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Matty Wong is packed with valuable information to elevate your performance on the water.

“There are great resource’s out there to become a better angler, if you are listening to this you are on the right track… it doesn’t matter what type of boat you are in as long as you are on the water.” 

Fishing New Lakes & Rivers Class Chapters

  • 0:16: Matty Wong Background 
  • 8:35: Types of Fisheries/Key Factors 
  • 14:00: Learn from Your Bites
  • 21:10: Know Your Strengths 
  • 23:50: Water Temperature Trends 
  • 45:40: Wongs Key Factors 
  • 1:05:10: Q&A

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