Professional angler Greg DiPalma, known as "GDP," shares his expertise with Bass University as he takes to the water in his kayak to explain how to fish around submerged trees.

During his session, Greg discusses the specific fishing equipment he uses, including his rod, reel, line, and four favorite baits, tailored for tackling dense cover. He also explains the tactics he employs to navigate around trees in his kayak and effectively catch largemouth bass.

Greg also demonstrates the process of recording a fish catch during a kayak fishing tournament, breaking it down and making it easier for fellow anglers to participate in such events.

If you want to improve your angling skills from a kayak, don't miss the opportunity to learn from GDP and the Bass University team on the water.

Fishing Laydown Trees From a Kayak Class Chapters

  • 0:28: Best Lures for Lay-Down Trees
  • 9:18: Maneuvering a Kayak Around Trees
  • 14:10: Picking Apart Lay-Downs
  • 23:25: Finesse Approach in Heavy Cover
  • 29:35: Laydown Tree Kayak Fishing Class Recap

What Questions Are Answered in This Kayak Bass Fishing Class?

  • What are the best lures for fishing around laydown trees?
  • How do you maneuver a kayak around trees when fishing?
  • What's the lowdown on picking apart laydowns for successful fishing?
  • What are some finesse approach tips for tackling heavy cover while kayak fishing?
  • How do you record a fish catch during a kayak fishing tournament?

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