2018 Bassmaster Classic : Best New Japanese Lures - Munenori


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2018 Bassmaster Classic : Best New Japanese Lures - Munenori


Pete Gluszek is joined by Munenori Kajiwara from Japan Import Tackle and Pat Renwick from Stray Casts. Munenori is also captain of the Japan ice fishing national team, a carp angler, and more. Munenori talks about the top 3 fish-catching baits from Japan with results from January 2018. The first is a small finesse bait, which Munenori fishes with a 3lb test leader! He also shows off a new horizonatal-presentation jerkbait, the Raid Level Minnow Jerkbait. He descusses the features of this bait and along with the Raid Level Crank MID Crankbait and why these baits have great action, great hookup percentage and fewer hangups. Lastly, he shares #3 the DSTYLE Reserve Topwater Walking Bait, which swims like Michael Phelps.

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