"Yes, but how do I win bass fishing tournaments?". Lots of bass fisherman are involved in tournaments at some level, whether is club tournaments, some weekend events, or multi-day Opens or Tour-level events. Some tournaments have a few competitors, most have enough to make the odds of winning fairly low. So, how do some of the guys win in what would be considered a statistically regular fashion? How do top tournament anglers win multiple events in the same year, or win the same big tournament more than once? JT Kenney, who has won 4 FLW tournaments and 1 BASS tournament, certainly had a good record for his years as a professional. It takes a lot of work and preparation to beat hundreds of other highly-motivated professional tournament anglers, so to do that 5 times, is noteworthy.

In this bass fishing class seminar, JT Kenney talks about the mindset & approach you need to take to win tournaments. Lots of approaches may get you "in the money", but JT is talking about fishing for the win from research, to practice, to tournament plan execution. There's no fishing for second place in this approach. Kenney breaks down how to use historic information to narrow down your search for bass in each season, how to target the right size fish, how to not waste time targeting the wrong size fish, and how to bring it all together in preparation so that, with a little luck, you trigger the bites you need to win your next bass fishing tournament.

  • 0:11 Something a little different, not a bait, a technique or seasonal pattern. Many Bass University subscribers are tournament anglers. JT Kenney has 4 FLW wins to his credit, and he wants to talk about his approach to winning.
  • 0:57 There's only 1 winner
  • 2:03 Winning bass tournaments is a mindset, not a honey hole
  • 6:55 Work ethic : winning tournaments takes commitment, it's not easy, even if some of the top tournament guys make it look easy
  • 14:04 The "Catch 5, then go look for big ones" mentality
  • 17:24 Do big baits always win bass fishing tournaments?
  • 20:42 Winning fish likely are located where they have been historically
  • 25:04 How to win bass fishing tournaments in the Spring & Autumn/Fall
  • 30:26 How to win bass fishing tournaments in the Summer & Winter
  • 40:27 The Devil's in the details

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