In this installment of the Bass University on the water, professional angler John Hunter, known for his involvement in Major League Fishing (MLF), provides a comprehensive breakdown of the techniques involved in fishing a chatter bait, also referred to as a "bladed jig.”

During his presentation, John Hunter delves into a meticulous analysis of his preferred color choices and optimal chatter bait sizes that contribute to successful fishing throughout the year. Additionally, he showcases an array of various trailers he employs on the chatterbait, a strategy that significantly influences the bait's movement and action.

A pivotal aspect of John's discourse revolves around his favored combination of fishing gear, which encompasses the rod, reel, and fishing line setup. He underscores the significance of selecting an appropriate rod tailored for chatter bait fishing. Throughout his fishing demonstration, John aptly exhibits several distinct retrieval techniques he employs to provoke bites from bass, thereby showcasing his expertise in action and even managing to land a few bass along the way through these varying retrieval methods.

For those seeking comprehensive insights into the art of fishing a chatterbait or bladed jig, this on-water class conducted by John Hunter at The Bass University serves as an invaluable resource. Through meticulous instruction and practical application, John thoroughly dissects the intricacies of fishing with this particular technique, making it an indispensable opportunity for aspiring anglers looking to enhance their skills.

How to Fish Chatterbaits Chapters

  • 0:10: Chatterbaits
  • 1:40: Colors and Size
  • 2:45: Trailer Selection
  • 3:45: Rod and Reel Setup
  • 5:25: Conditions
  • 7:30: Different Retrieves 
  • 15:30: Detecting Bites
  • 17:30: Outro

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