Bass fishing tournament angler Pete Gluszek is often at the top of the rankings in Bassmaster Opens. In this nearly 1-hour instructional fishing video, "The Dean" is talking about simple swimbait fishing. Knowing win to pick this bait up, and when to put it down.

Why/When/Where to Fish a Swimbait?

Swimbaits are versatile, and you don't just have to fish them for big bass, you can catch qualities of bass too, when the time and conditions are right. There's arguably nothing better, in terms of artificial lures, at imitating real, living baitfish. This video will teach you how to cover different depths of the water column. Pete will talk about what's special about the Storm 360 GT Swimbaits. Pete will introduce you to finesse plastic swimbaits, and big 6" plus swimbaits, discussing how the 2 differ and when to throw each. For folks interested in catching the big bass with these larger swimbaits, Pete recommends watching Top 5 Giant Baits to Catch Kicker Bass. Learn what water clarities to target with swimbaits. Find out the optimum seasons for fishing swimbaits. Pete also answers other questions like:

  • What role does wind play in fishing the these baits?
  • Can you catch them on cloudy days? What about sunny days?
  • What are some different ways to fish swimbaits?
  • How do I target different depth zones?
  • What about hooksets when swimbait fishing?
  • What about fishing line choices?
  • What other tackle do you use to fish swimbaits for bass?

If you are interested in learning more secrets from tournament professionals, check out Swimbaits for Big Smallmouth & Tournament Sized Swimbaits


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