In this installment of Bass University Basics, Pete Gluszek, also known as the "Dean" of Bass University, offers some helpful fishing tips that cater to anglers of all levels of experience. 

Pete discusses the topwater fishing technique, which is one of the most exciting methods in fishing. The “Dean" breaks down two popular styles of topwater baits, how to effectively use them, and the gear required to do so. 

Whether you are new to fishing or looking for ways to improve your skills, Bass University Basics provides some great tips and tricks to help you learn the basics of bass fishing. It's also a great resource to recommend to friends and family who are interested in taking up bass fishing.

Bass University Topwater Bass Fishing Basic Chapters

  • 0:15: Topwater Basics 
  • 3:40: Topwater Setups
  • 5:50: How to Fish Topwater Lures
  • 11:50 Strikes, Hooksets & More Baits

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